"A teacher is not exempt from learning."

Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka

Rommy serves as general director responsible for coordinating all Diversity Frontier operations in Nigeria; which includes a number of tasks such as keeping the Diversity Frontier professionals informed on all projects, recruitment of talented professionals to staff diversity associates in Nigeria, placing announcements, working with clients and placing announcement.

He also will be part of Diversity Frontier International leadership team that will be responsible for strategic decisions, assessment and managing the proposals and finalizing contacts. He will also be responsible for ensuring that DFA associates are implementation the strategic goals of Diversity Frontier with reference to meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to the above responsibilities.

Corporate contact person for workshops on diversity and educational services:

  • Initiate contacts with clients in collaboration with Diversity Associates and coordinate project team to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Responsible for all matters related to assignments and other logistics to ensure high quality services.

  • Be responsible for Diversity Frontier’s efforts to implement the organization’s goals and ensuring that the outcomes match the organization’s standards and deadlines.

  • Serve as regular liaison while keeping the team informed about all project matters.

  • Responsibility for the effective flow of information between clients and appropriate specialists, and more importantly communicating with the management.

  • Coordinating evaluation activities of projects and ensuring timely reporting on progress to the Director in a timely manner.

  • Work in collaboration with assigned teams to ensure timely submission of the final results of the projects.