Colonel Reginald Hairston

Colonel Reginald Hairston

Colonel Reginald Hairston (USMC Retired) served for 30 years in the Marine Corps.  He has served as the Senior Director / Chief Operating Officer in several organizations to include leading an organization of 700 employees responsible for providing security and emergency services (firefighting, medical response, police services, 911 dispatch, animal control) to the residents of Camp Pendleton and the population immediately outside the gates of the installation.  He contributes his opportunities to work in high paced environments, with individuals from all walks of life, as a privilege of a life-time and the reason he has come to appreciate, embrace and advocate for leaders to understand that diversity and inclusion are essential/foundational elements in high achieving organizations. Colonel Hairston earned his Master of Science in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from James Madison University.

Leadership Stance

Leadership styles morph to fit situations, but as a general rule, I believe a leader has to invest heavily in the people they are serving in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, motivations and gain trust.  Subsequently leaders need to challenge employees to share their ideas and find ways to create win / win situations in order to encourage further employee participation. Calling yourself a leader rings hollow, if the employees under your supervision don’t share the same view.


I think the key to building my profile is by focusing on the Diversity Frontier Inc platform.  As I become more involved in assisting with creating content, my contribution should lead to greater awareness of my abilities.  Following are a few ideas:


– Interview Jim Pfautz so he can describe his vision.

– Interview some of the key influencers on Linkedin and ask for their position on Diversity and Inclusion.

-Interview military members to ascertain the impact service has had on how they see / accept people

– Interview experts who can explain the value of inclusion


The goal is to raise awareness and I believe this has the potential to take off.