"Believe in yourself, learn and never stop wanting to build a better world."

- Mary Mcleod Bethune

Dr. Wayne Beneson

Dr. Benenson is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Argosy University, Seattle. He has been a professor at Illinois State University (where he was the Chair of the Early Childhood Division) and at the University of New Mexico; he has also been a classroom teacher at every grade level, K-12, and locale (urban, suburban & rural schools). His professional specialties include educational leadership, curriculum design, critical thinking, social emotional learning, action research and school-based conflict resolution (where he is a certified trainer in peer mediation for elementary and middle school levels). In his spare time, Dr. Beneson looks forward to his dog walking his every day.

Workshop possibilities:

  • Increasing Cognitive Capacity – Participants will learn how to problem-solve a “disorienting dilemma” through systems analysis, generating multiple perspectives and identifying a range of interconnective solutions.

  • Reculturing (schools and organizations) to become professional learning communities – Participants will learn shift from “either-or” thinking to “both-and” thinking in identifying modular (as opposed to standardized) instruction/training tailored to an individual’s needs and learning intelligence, style and pace.

  • Student-centric learning: Increasing individual achievement and school improvement. Teachers will learn how to listen so students will speak deeply about their true needs and speak so that students (and peers) can “conversate,” that is, share deeply and respond with care and insight to one another.

  • Managing individual and group conflict without tears or fears. Participants will identify emotional triggers that often shut down potentially useful and unorthodox solutions to intractable problems. Such an embrace of the positive possibilities of conflict can help shift the outcomes from agreement to cooperation and the process from ideological paralysis to curious engagement.