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Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka

Rommy serves as general director responsible for coordinating all Diversity Frontier operations in Nigeria; which includes a number of tasks such as keeping the Diversity Frontier professionals informed on all projects, recruitment of talented professionals to staff Diversity associates in Nigeria, placing announcements, working with clients and placing announcement.

He also will be part of Diversity Frontier International leadership team that will be responsible for strategic decisions, assessment and managing the proposals and finalizing contacts. He will also be responsible for ensuring that DFA associates are implementation the strategic goals of Diversity Frontier with reference to meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to the above responsibilities, please see below:

Corporate contact person for workshops on diversity and educational services
  • Initiate contacts with clients in collaboration with Diversity Associates and coordinates project team to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for all matters related to assignments and other logistics to ensure high quality services.
  • Be responsible in Diversity Frontier’s efforts to implementing the organization’s goals and ensuring that the outcomes are matched with the organization’s standards and deadlines.
  • Serve as regular liaison while keeping the team informed about all project matters.
  • Responsibility for the effective flow of information between clients and appropriate specialist, and more importantly communicating with the management.
  • Coordinating evaluation activities of projects and ensuring timely reporting on progress to the Director on timely manner.
  • Work in collaboration with assigned teams to ensure timely submission of the final results of the projects.

Paul Nwoye, Engineer and MBA

Paul Nwoye earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a Masters degree in management. Engineer Nwoye currently serves as an engineer and manager for M-Tel division of Nigerian Telecommunication Company.

Paul is a people oriented person with an international outreach. He has established an excellent professional relationship with Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka and prominent American educators, some of whom had visited Nigeria in the late 1980’s, and still have the burning desire to contribute in Nigeria educational system. Paul has also worked with his younger brother, Nigerian born scholar, Dr. Joseph Nwoye.

Engineer Nwoye has agreed to help Diversity Inc., in the organization’s effort to connect Nigerian educators to the American educators in order to benefit our two societies in the race for education and perhaps student and faculty exchanges that will foster better economic, social, and cultural enrichment. Paul’s diverse cultural experiences both within and outside Nigeria have provided him with insight into the power of professional development that considers the cultural background of different people and the implications for a powerful discussion and the imperative of such understanding in our global community.


Dadson JonNwakalo, ABD

Dadson JonNwakalo completed all the course work required for his doctorial work in computer science at the University of New York; his research work is currently in progress. Dadson is well accomplished professional with international outreach around the world.

Besides studying in three continents (Nigeria, England and the United States), Mr. JonNwakalo also earned many academic accolades in England at Hartfield Polytechnique including his post graduate Diploma studies in computer studies and management. He would be working in collaboration with Mr. Paul Nwoye in an effort establish education, economic and cultural exchanges between our two countries (Nigeria and the United State).

Dadson is well established in Nigeria where he also serves the people in academe and business. His international experience will be a great access for Diversity Frontier mission around the world.

Dadson is experienced in many areas of Data Processing and Management including new data center installation, Project management, Financial Modelling, Statistical analysis and forecasting. System analysis and programming, system integration, Long Range, Wide, Local and Wireless Area Networking, Multi user and client server and three tier systems.

All Phases of project development including conceptual identification of business problems, requirement and feasibility studies, hardware and software selection, extensive user interface at all levels, use of current system development techniques, including fourth generation languages and relational database files, data ware-housing and project control management techniques and CASE Tools cum Internet and object oriented programming.

Specialises in off-shore/on site software development and coding, development of Internet, Intranet, Extranet applications; e-Business solutions – development of client server applications, Web Design, Wireless applications and software testing and porting. Unified modelling language (UML), Full Scale Object Oriented Programming, Analysis and Design Patterns.

Also experienced in the start up of many Banks and other corporate Institutions eg. Nigeria International Bank (NIB) now Citibank Nigeria; Citizens International Bank (CIB), Systems Logic - London, Docan Computer Systems International Limited, Lagos; AHOCOL Group, a Real Estate development company, Mortgage Institution and Insurance company. Futuristic Technologies, FutureTech Publishers Allhomes Ltd, etc.

Consulted for a lot of International Organisations – ADB Abidjan, UNICEF, International Foundation For Science Stockolm, Sweden; Booze Allen and Hamilton, Beaver Exports London, Cutler Harmer, Alpha Lavel, Exxon Benelux, Citi Bank New York, Bankers Trust, Systems Logic London, KPMG, etc.

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