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Center for Inspiring Rigorous Intellectual Mindset and Eradication bias Driven Fixed-Mindset

Solution for meaningful and lifelong learning lies in the cultivation of the right mind set. The kind of mindset designed and developed by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck, which is now being employed by teachers to foster the cultivation of growth mind set and ultimately academic success.

Dr. Carol Dweck contribution is factoring into the holistic strategies to address the national issue of ubiquitous academic gaps. Dweck’s concept of growth mindset has been proved to be effective and popularized in her book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.”

Carol Dweck reminds us that one’s mindset drives one to perceive him or herself in terms of their ability or lack thereof and ultimately plays a critical role in their motivation and achievement of whatever goal one pursues.

For unmotivated and those unlikely to achieve, you can get them on the right track by simply changing their mindset. If you change one’s fixed mindset to growth mindset and inspire one while insuring that they are in the right trajectory for achievement, guess what happens, you would be surprised by the boost it provides and ultimately, you will be surprised by the person’s achievement.

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