Training for a better future.

Diversity Frontier, Inc. provides organizations with a road map for building, cultivating, and nurturing a diverse workforce.

What do we do?

We develop custom intercultural awareness programs designed to empower organizations with multicultural understanding and measurable outcomes.

How we do it

We provide three levels of high-quality training on policies and practices.

Amplify resources

Maximize stakeholder buy-in

Improve cultural Competence


We empower organizations to make the most of their resources.


We partner with organizations to build equitable systems that maximize benefits for all stakeholders.


We help organizations power up by increasing their cultural capital. 

Our DEI training, strategy, and resources are designed to provide measurable solutions for leaders, executives, c-suite, decision-makers, people managers, and teams. Our goal is to ensure that your organization’s DEI goals are met with your organization’s needs, mission, and vision in mind.

At Diversity Frontier, Inc. we understand meaningful DEI training isn’t one size fits all. Our strategies are built to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach. 

Diversity Integration

We align diversity and inclusion training goals to your organization's vision and mission.

Curriculum Design & Instructional Strategies

We leverage diverse experience to develop effective curriculum for your school or organization.

Conflict Resolution

Our experts have wide-ranging experience in resolving conflicts across various sectors and cultures.

Get to know us.

The Diversity Frontier road map to a diverse workplace is based on understanding the belief system that diverse staff brings into the workplace, their beliefs, and experiences that seamlessly drive their ideas and shape how they behave.

We create individual and group learning experiences through our posts, sharing member stories, and hosting webinars and discussion groups on local and global inclusion issues.

We're here to help.

We’re passionate about making learning inclusive, raising social consciousness, and improving individual and community inclusion. Let us help your organization reach its diversity and inclusion goals.