A New Paradigm for Peace Through Engagement and Relationship Building

We live in a turbulent world where cut-throat competition takes individuals, companies, and counties to an unhealthy level, and in some cases, to public fighting through word and legal means where there is the rule of law. It worsens where there is an absence of the rule of law; it leads to physical fights and […]

Human Capacity to do Horrible Things and the Need for Progressives to Push Back

I hate weeks like this. I’m sitting here, on Sunday night reflecting on the day’s events, which included, watching the coverage of white supremacist and counter-demonstrators in DC, and asking myself, do we really have people like this in 2018? The good news is that the number of white supremacists who matched were negligible, however, […]

What Can Diversity Advocates Learn from the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making

With the advent of artificial intelligence and robotic technology, businesses are employing this newly gained power of information technology to gather data that is driving their decisions, decisions that are evidently leading them to rapid business success.  Clearly, business organizations that are employing the power of data-driven decision making are realizing the strategic assets associated […]

Ideas that Inform: Great for Thinkers

Why do we study history? The above question reminds me of my 5th-grade social studies teacher who continuously reminded my class of the old saying about the value of history. My then 5th-grade teacher defined history this way, “History is the study of past event.” During those days, he often immediately after he had defined […]