Associate Director, Education and Diversity Programs

Prof. (Dr) Namita Rajput is a globally recognized academic and thought leader in diversity and inclusive programs. She strongly emphasizes equity and social justice and is dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces and advocating for equal rights. Dr. Rajput has extensive expertise in addressing sexual-oriented discrimination, including transgender-related issues, and is known for promoting equity while ensuring equality in all dimensions. She has held significant national and international educational positions, including Principal (OSD) and professor at Sri Aurobindo College in Delhi. Her appointment as the incoming Associate Editor for the SDIG journal highlights her stature as a distinguished academic and her commitment to advancing diversity and inclusivity in scholarly discourse.

Her contributions in academia and social issues, including serving as an NBA accessor, lead auditor for quality standards, and Technical Expert Member, Quality Council of India. She is also a key figure in the Ministry of Women and Child development as a POSH and POCSO trainer. Prof (Dr) Namita Rajput has conducted gender and transgender audits in many Universities across India. She is also a member of the Saksham portal, University Grants Commission as an expert on Sexual harassment of Women in the workplace. She received various awards, including one from the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, for conducting gender sensitization workshops.




Web Development and Content Manager


Joseph is a skillful Web Developer with expertise in PHP programming and a strong background in web content management, with a meticulous approach to coding and focus on creating efficient and dynamic websites. Joseph has successfully delivered numerous projects and is proficient in various media contexts. He excels at designing user-friendly interfaces and implementing responsive layouts. He is a detail-oriented content manager with excellent organizational skills that ensure that websites are regularly updated with engaging and SEO-optimized content to drive traffic and enhance user experience.







Foreign Language Educator, Data Science and AI Consultant


Shazia Ateeque came to Diversity Frontier Inc. with language numerous experiences including, having qualified as delegate at AWMUN (Asia World Model United Nations). She is a published author and loves writing poems in different styles. In addition, she is an effective communicator with cross-cultural communication competencies, which uniquely enables her to meet the needs of all DF’s diverse clients. Shazia’s experience and joy for learning, along with her interpersonal expertise in relationship building, prepared her well for being an excellent part of our esteem Tutorial Team and media Consultant for our partners.