Curriculum Design & Instructional Strategies

Providing organizations with a road map for building, cultivating, and nurturing a diverse workforce.

The center for curriculum design and Instructional strategies is designed for the purpose of eradication achievement gap. Although some conveniently, based on their stereotype and misconception describe achievement gap as a sustained academic difference between black and white students, the Center will disprove all those stereotypes while exposing the real issue cultivated by structural factors of opportunity and access gaps whose derivative leads to academic gap. 

The purpose of the CCDIS is to demonstrate that the only difference between black and white is the one created and sustained by opportunity and access gaps. Those who make excuses for why achievement gap exist are wrong, and I urge them to follow our state of the arts approach that focuses on tackling the opportunity and assess gaps that ultimately cultivate a sustained achievement gaps that is so ubiquitous in our society.

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