Diversity Integration

Join our workplace and school Diversity Integration Program.

At Diversity Frontier, we strongly believe that in the midst of our changing global business landscape, the success of any organization (national or international) rests on its approach to inclusivity (Diversity).

In light of our strong belief on the power of diversity and inclusivity to usher a new level of equity and social justice for all, the mission of Diversity Frontier is to provide clients in both public and private organizations with the cross-cultural communication skills necessary for cultural responsive practices that provide a triple play:

  • encourage organizations to utilize their diversity resources to the fullest;
  • increase cultural capital within a diverse society; and
  • maximize benefits to all stakeholders.

Our strategy is simple: First, work to develop a trusting relationship with clients to ensure that individual needs and corporate goals are linked to maximize mutual benefits-success for stakeholders. In this relationship, employees are trained to apply their energy and skills to achieve individual and corporate goals in ways that are consistent with democratic ideals, equity and social justice for all.

Diversity associates provide three levels of high-quality training on policies and practices for policy makers, mid-level managers, and regular employees in ways that ensure that diversity training goals are aligned to the vision and mission of the organization. Below are some of the focus areas and of course, we tailor our training to the varied needs of our clients:

We work collaboratively with clients on situation analysis, and employing data gained from our collective efforts to set goals and operational objectives, along with strategies for implementation.

As we implement strategies, we simultaneously employ assessment strategies that provide opportunities for continuous improvement. At Diversity Frontier, Inc., we believe that good is never enough where better is possible and best is achievable. Thus, we consistently continue to strive on the frontier of our clients’ unique needs.

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