"Cultivating a belief system for peace, equity, and social justice for all."

Dr. Joseph Nwoye, Ed.D.

Dr. Nwoye is an educator and inclusion specialist. As the president of Diversity Frontier, he focuses on unconscious bias and diversity policies & practices that work. Dr. Nwoye has contributed more than 50 articles with a focus on tackling social issues such as achievement gaps, race, and gender among others. He served as the Director of both Multicultural Education and Urban Education at Illinois State University.

He also served as a professional development specialist for faculty at Montgomery College Maryland and as chief investigator on discriminatory issues in which his report uncovered and revealed covert discriminatory practices and saved the victim from the anguish of false accusation and otherwise loss of teaching position.

Dr. Nwoye is the author of three books. His most recent one he likes to characterize as the most consequential in our effort to build the bridge and the road map towards perfecting this union is titled: “Cultivating a Belief System for Peace, Equity and Social Justice For All.

Reviewers in Goodreads.com rated the book 5 Stars, one of them from Australia, James Robertson asserts, “ Dr Joseph Nwoye’s book, ‘Cultivating a belief system for Peace, Equity and Social Justice for All’, has been given to us at exactly the time that it is needed the most.

Meticulously researched, and comprehensively presented, this important work is a sociological treatise in the universal field of social, religious, cultural and racial intolerance so prevalent in society today.” Robertson further stated, “I was captivated by the sincerity and truth of his message and I strongly suggest that this book belongs in university libraries, and on the bookshelves of anyone who is seriously examining the underlying reasons, and methods of combating the prejudice and intolerances, that are so widely encountered in the World around us.