"You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals."

- Marie Curie

Melinda Nwoye

Melinda Nwoye is the Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of Diversity Frontier, Inc. USA. Melinda manages corporate relations, and she ensures that the needs of our clients remain Diversity Frontier’s first priority. Melinda also serves as an advisor of reading and writing research and provides support services for Diversity Frontier associates.

Melinda holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with concentration in reading instruction from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in reading from Illinois State University, and an advanced professional certificate in Elementary Reading, as well as in Early Childhood Education from Maryland Department of Education.

She has also served as a reading specialist for Prince Georges County Public School. She’s taught reading classes at Illinois State University and Montgomery College and has also supervised student teachers in Urban Education.