"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela

Paul Nwoye

Paul Nwoye earned a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a master’s degree in management. Paul currently serves as an engineer and manager for M-Tel division of a Nigerian telecommunication company.

Paul is a people-oriented person with international outreach. He has established an excellent professional relationship with Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka and prominent American educators, some of whom had visited Nigeria in the late 1980’s, and still have the burning desire to contribute to Nigeria’s educational system. Paul has also worked with his younger brother, Nigerian born scholar, Dr. Joseph Nwoye.

Engineer Nwoye has agreed to help Diversity Inc., in the organization’s effort to connect Nigerian educators to the American educators in order to benefit our two societies in the race for education and perhaps student and faculty exchanges that will foster better economic, social, and cultural enrichment. Paul’s diverse cultural experiences both within and outside Nigeria have provided him with insight into the power of professional development that considers the cultural background of different people and the implications for a powerful discussion and the imperative of such understanding in our global community.

Engineer Nwoye is the President and the Chairman of Diversity Frontier’s Board of advisers. From 1990 until 2009, He was former Director Office of Public Relations Office of Dean. Mr. Nwoye earned his Engineering degree and MBA. 

He is a people-oriented person with international outreach. He fosters international relation among all people around the world, and active in establishing excellent professional relationships with prominent American educators and business representatives, some of whom had had the opportunity to visit Nigeria such as Dr. Larry Vold, a retired professor of education from Pennsylvania.