I had written a short piece on the LinkedIn platform earlier, coaxing President Joe Biden to do whatever he can to stop the carnage in Gaza and potentially prevent genocide on the innocent Palestinians and Israeli military who could be inevitably caught in the middle and strategically prevent further massacre and a wider war.
So many innocent people were killed in pursuance of Hamas that they had nothing to do with Hamas. I watched the ongoing disaster with children killed, some of them killed with their parents, and watching six- and seven-year-old innocent children mourning the death of their beloved and their extended family relatives are found dead too; it is too much for a six and seven-year-old to bear. The fact that the victims of this war had nothing to do with the war is perplexing. Who is going to take care of these kids? The food and the wonderful goods being sent to these kids, that is, if they get them, is nothing to be compared with them being with their relatives who had nothing to do with this war. According to the current report, four thousand and three hundred innocent people have already been killed, and many more will die for what? This is what people should think about when some of the relatives of the Israelis who have suffered under Hamas are saying don’t do this in our names. At least respect those victims who suffered the most, yet they know that many innocent people are being slaughtered. Listen to those Israelis who suffered the most horrific killings on Oct. 7.

Innocent Palestinians are bearing the brunt of what some may assume to be a prize for the Hamas’s massacre, but little do they know that Palestinians are not safe from Hamas either. Unfortunately, they are the ones that die, while Hamas may not even be impacted. Why can leaders be logical and see the complex nature of what is happening, burnt babies and mother holding their dead babies? Those are not the Hamas. I ask for restraint; the pain and anguish are unbearable, especially when you consider that these are innocent children and families that even themselves are not free from the pain and suffering Hamas causes them. If you are in doubt of how Hamas treats the same innocent Palestinian victims who oppose the terrorist regime, read David Ignatius’s piece in the Washington Post titled: Listen to the Gazans who are seeking a path away from Hamas: https://tinyurl.com/58y78rc5. In that piece, David provided information on the experience of the same innocent Palestinians being massacred for crimes they did neither contribute nor know anything about. Why would they be suffering for it? To read more and get first-hand information on Innocent Palestinians and their relation with Hamas, for whom they are being massacred, please visit a “Whispered in Gaza” project online.

The United States should work with friendly Arab countries working with a new generation of Palestinian leaders to rebuild Gaza, invest in the West Bank, and deal with the big elephant in the room to foster long-lasting peace. In this state solution, the Palestinians would be free to rule themselves while Israel lives in peace and harmony; Palestinians and Israelis can coexist under this plan. A plan supported by a former Israeli warrior turned Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated by an Israeli right-wing extremist, Yigal Amir. If Yigal Amir had not assassinated Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister Rabin could have solved the source of this seemingly unending conflict. He certainly knew what wars do and was, therefore, able to do what could have prevented these atrocities on both sides. We need leaders like former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who understand war and how it impacts the innocent, to step up on both Israeli and Palestinian sides and thus find lasting peace through the two-state solution because it will be correct and fair to all sides. Now more than ever, we need leaders like former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Chairman Yasser Arafat, who understand the pain and anguish of wars, to emerge and craft a two-state solution where Israelis live alongside their Palestinian neighbor in peace and security.